Did Manchester Pride 2018 close roads and go ahead without a valid Traffic Order in place for part of the four-day event?

The Secretary of State was unable to approve any Order because the Department For Transport didn't receive it from Manchester City Council until the Tuesday after Manchester Pride had finished.

A 2002 pride planning meeting was told that charging to enter public streets was unlawful

Campaigners have uncovered the minutes of a pride planning meeting that was held in November 2002.

Manchester Metrolink procedures

What is the procedure for suspicious packages on Manchester's trams?

Archives reveal "regular, ranting bigotry about gays" in the pages of the Manchester Evening News

In 1989 the MEN called for an "awful" floral display in Piccadilly Gardens commemorating Stonewall to be "destroyed".

How FactsMCR exposed poor standards at the Manchester Evening News

Our spoof press release about Manchester Pride, sent from a free email account, was published, apparently without any fact checking whatsoever. In this way, the newspaper allows itself to be a conduit for promotional propaganda and lies. We were tired of seeing mistakes/untrue information in the MEN over a period of many years. In some cases they hampered democracy and prevented change.


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