Manchester Pride staff caught on live video misleading the public in 2017

The third annual event since the ruling by the Local Government Ombudsman. Since 2015 Greater Manchester Police has briefed Pride's security staff about what their responsibilities and "powers" are. Yet they continue to mislead the public at the gates. Hands up anyone who still believes this is accidental...

In this first clip on Saturday 26 August 2017 at 20:20 a member of staff at the Minshull Street gate is caught on a live video stream telling a man that he can't come "on the street" without a wristband. This is a lie. It is unlawful to obstruct him. But as soon as it's clear that he knows his rights, he is able to walk in.

Laughably Manchester Pride claims to campaign "for the advancement of LGBT+ equality". In reality they prey on and exploit vulnerable people who aren't informed about their rights.

In this second clip staff at the gate beside the Thompsons Arms bar unlawfully obstruct and delay two men who again know their rights and a whole lot more about Manchester Pride! Monday 28 August 2017 at 04:33.

Many walked in without a problem in 2017. However this coming Manchester Pride you may like to record as you walk through just in case you experience an issue. If you do then please send us the video clip or upload it somewhere and send the link.

What kind of organisation continues doing this in full view of the public, knowing it's unlawful?


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