Our website, different devices and screen sizes


You'll see a link at the top left of the front page and at the very bottom of every page. This lets you choose "desktop always". Or, having clicked that, you'll see a link for "best fit" instead.

These days a large percentage of people look at websites on a mobile phone or a tablet. While some visitors continue to use the traditional PC or laptop. All of these devices have a different shape and screen size.

Our website has a "responsive" design which reformats accordingly. This will give you the best experience we hope.

Responsive website design

In the image above on the left you can see how one particular page looks on a laptop and on the right how it reformats for a mobile phone.

If you're on a mobile phone or tablet but would like to browse the desktop version of the site, and you're willing to zoom in and out to read the text, you can click "desktop always". This sets a cookie which remembers your choice for a while.

To switch back to the responsive version, click "best fit".

Whichever you choose, the actual content of the site is the same. Only the layout of it changes.


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