Video shows the public being given the runaround in 2007 as they try to attend the Monday HIV/AIDS Vigil

When wristbands were reintroduced in 2003 the gay community was assured that the Monday night HIV/AIDS Vigil would always be free to attend. However we kept on hearing stories of people being told they must buy a band. Also we were told that people without one were made to queue outside the gate. Sometimes for more than an hour and even in the rain. It almost felt like a form of "punishment".

In 2007 we went along to take a look.

Laughably, Manchester Pride claims to campaign "for the advancement of LGBT+ equality" and "aims to challenge discrimination". But apparently inequality and discrimination are fine when it's on a financial basis and Manchester Pride is getting the cash.

The former Festival Director has denied this ever happened. Despite evidence being captured on video in 2007 and then again in 2008 (video 1 | video 2).


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